Monday, May 21, 2012

Once a week discipline?

I let my Google reader fall behind a few days. Some things I just skip depending on my mood, but some really catch my attention. Some I venture a comment on. There were a few this morning as I caught up to zero read. Do you ever feel the pressure of not having read something? But if it wasn't on the aggregator, I wouldn't know about it.  I think I will let things slide and give focus to this deluge only a few hours a week - even that may be too much. Productive hours are a rare thing. I count them only a few - 2 or 3 - per day. Nevertheless, meandering aside, I did find some interesting things this morning: Awilum - something to go back to if I have time here. Ancient Hebrew Poetry on Qohelet here. BLT again on Psalm 1.