Thursday, May 10, 2012

Busy this week

Besides watching the close match between Raonic and Federer, I have had directors meetings all week and I have the loan for 1 week only of the Dictionary of Classical Hebrew (8 volumes). Reading a dictionary - (even if you skip all the words that are not in the Psalms) is a tiresome business, but it has resulted in some nice refinements of my root table for the Psalms. These changes (7 letters to go) are reflected in the glossary and interlinear in the links on the right panel. I think I could still be a bit more selective in the mater lectiones that I allow or not in my reduced table of 1354 distinct letter combinations at the roots of things in the Psalms.

I continue to ponder the good advice given in religious circles for the business leader (links and some discussion here). Some day I will get around to an opinion. Contrary to some of my more energetic responses to religious documents, I do see some good advice in this paper, but my initial impression is that it lacks radical precision. This may be because it is wrapped in a tradition that must speak to many all at once.