Sunday, May 16, 2010

Notes made while visiting other blogs

Well, beloved, what have I learned this month? Sometimes the best things come in very small packages - like this one at the Velveteen Rabbi.

Besides learning from Qohelet - and who knows yet where this leads, I have been daring to comment on theological issues. One day I will read some more theological principles. But I am not actually much interested in theology per se - I am more interested in the implied questions - who do they say that I am? and who do you say that I am? (That I is not me)

I note the following conversations because it is sometimes difficult for me to figure out how to get email or reader followup. When I note them here, I can go back to them more easily to see if there are any more comments.
  • Tim for instance has a question on cold-blooded. How to get the death of the firstborn into 5 minutes. Can you help him? 
  • Peter B meditates on good and evil as a matter of taste.  
  • Peter L considers blessing and cursing. 
  • The ever disciplined Richard Beck tells how George MacDonald affected him. 
  • The Everyday Thomist Mrs. Haile has a post on the god of metphysics.