Saturday 18 May 2024

Suzanne Haïk-Vantoura - a little history

Forty-three years ago, 1981, the English translation of The Music of the Bible Revealed by Suzanne Haïk-Vantoura was published. What sort of impact has it had? The book is available to read online from the link.

I recall in the Oxford conference on the Psalms (2010) where I was introduced to this work, that there was considerable dialogue over the control to be exercised by Fondation Roi David over the use of the deciphering key. 

The website of Fondation Roi David, via, has been partially restored. The link brings up a single image with some links superimposed. Try them out. This is new information for me. The first is a conversation with SHV largely about the prose reconstruction. It's very clear. Those of you who are on Facebook can join the group

Note below the first publication in 1976. The recordings happened over a 12 year period, 1976-87, not quite as long as I have spent familiarizing myself with the musical framework, 2010-24. A curious word from her introduction to her book is this: A tradition is not established in just a few generations. She continued her work at least until 1995-6. I don't have any further information at this time.

History of the various performances published under the banner of Fondation Roi David

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