Thursday, October 21, 2021


The twelve books I have been working on
Twelve (!) e-books are now off my desk - and at the publisher/distributor. Energion publishing - yea Henry Neufeld - is handling all 12 of them. 

Eleven are second editions of my work to bring the translations up to date with changes that have come about from working with partner Jonathan Orr-Stav on The SimHebrew Bible. 

This bilingual Bible will be a great boon to people who want to really see what is going on in the Hebrew language but who find that reading the square script is both hard to do and hard to search. 

Cover design: Nathan James.
"Moses breaking the tables of the law."
Engraving by Gustave Doré,
Photo by D Walker (duncan1890)
ISBN: 978-0-9811338-1-2
Here's the intro for the metadata description:

The SimHebrew Bible makes reading, searching, and learning the Hebrew Bible much easier for non-Hebrew readers. SimHebrew is an exact simulation of the fully spelled Hebrew text of the Bible. Readers of the Latin character set who are not versed in the square text will find both ease and pleasure in learning the Bible in its original tongue without any of the difficulties encountered when facing the traditional right-to-left text. The technique gives a true insight into the linguistic features of the Hebrew – in particular, its economy of language, wordplay, repetition of the same word in different contexts, and above all, the root structure of its words. This Bible also allows easy searching in both Hebrew and English including a full glossary and links to a corresponding online concordance. The combination makes both the Hebrew language and the translation decisions in the English guide fully transparent.

When all the new links are available, I will let you know.

I am working gradually on my first book, Seeing the Psalter, Energion 2013, to see how I would approach the text now with technology that I did not have available 8 years ago. I am thinking I want to write the grammar book too - a fearful prospect.

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