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Psalms 2 and 149

Christopher Page is writing on the psalms here - a long journey as any reader of this blog will know. I am looking forward to doing it again as much as I would look forward to walking say an end to end trail in East Sooke Park again. To begin at the beginning needs a pointer to the end. I know I could walk the some of these day trips, but I might choose a loop or have a vehicle at each end of the trail. For the Psalms, is it a loop? Or is it a journey from A to B? Probably both. Look at the rocks and the sea in the second psalm and the second to last psalm.

Here is an image of the words of Psalms 149 reflecting the words of Psalms 2. 

Two verses in Psalms 149 focus words and concepts in Psalms 2

Here are some questions off the top of my head.

Who are the kings? 

Who are the people 'under his mercy'?

Who is the king?

Were these poems written together? Did the poet of Psalms 149 know Psalms 2 or vice-versa? 

Is this supporting or against monarchy?

Does the Psalter support violence against the enemy?

Here are the psalms in full. Square text is represented one for one in Latin characters using SimHebrew.

In these COVID times, when throngs are rare, it is curious that the word for throng in verse 1 is related to the modern Hebrew word for 'feeling', roughly 'regash'. It is also used in the psalm of betrayal, Psalms 55, Together we had sweet intimacy. // In the house of God we walked in the throng. This root seems to morph in its Biblical Hebrew 'meaning' of a great crowd to a modern Hebrew 'meaning' of great emotion

thlim b Psalms 2 Fn Min Max Syll
a lmh rgwu goiim
ulaumim ihgu-riq
1 Why such a throng of nations?
and tribes in empty muttering?
g 3e 4B 6
b itiixbu mlci-arx vroznim nosdu-ikd
yl-ihvh vyl-mwiko
2 They station themselves, these sovereigns of earth, these rule-makers reasoning as one,
over Yahweh and over his anointed:
f 3e 4A 12
g nntqh at-mosrotimo
vnwlich mmnu ybotimo
3 Let us snap their bonds,
and kiss good-bye to their cords.

g 3e 4B 8
d iowb bwmiim iwkq
adonii ilyg-lmo
4 The one sitting in the heavens, he laughs.
My Lord derides them.
3e 4B 7
h az idbr alimo bapo
ubkrono ibhlmo
5 Then he will speak to them in his anger,
and in his burning vex them.
C 3e 4C 10
v vani nscti mlci
yl-xion hr-qodwi
6 I myself have offered as libation my own king,
on Zion, my holy hill.

g 3e 4B 8
z asprh al-koq
ihvh amr alii bni ath
ani hiom ildtiç
7 I will recount the decree.
Yahweh promised to me: You are my son.
I myself this day gave birth to you.
3e 4A 5
k wal mmni vatnh goiim nkltç
vakuztç apsi-arx
8 Ask me and I give the nations as your legacy,
and as yours to hold fast, the ends of the earth.
3e 4C 15
't troym bwb't brzl
ccli ioxr tnpxm
9 You will injure them with an iron sceptre.
Like fashioned vessels, you will smash them.

g 3e 4B 8
i vyth mlcim hwcilu
hivvsru wop'ti arx
10 So now, you sovereigns, let there be insight.
Be warned you who judge on earth.
g 3e 4B 9
ia ybdu at-ihvh birah
vgilu brydh
11 Serve Yahweh in fear,
and rejoice in trembling.
3e 4B 8
ib nwqu-br pn-ianf vtabdu drç ci-ibyr cmy't apo
awri cl-kosi bo
12 Kiss, each of you, pure lest he be angry and you perish in the way,
for he kindles as a hint of his anger. Happy are all who take refuge in him.
3e 4C 19
thlim qm't Psalms 149 Fn Min Max Syll
a hllu-ih wiru lihvh wir kdw
thilto bqhl ksidim
1 Hallelu Yah. Sing to Yahweh a new song.
His praise in the congregation of the-many who are under mercy.
f 3e 4B 10
b iwmk iwral byowiv
bni-xion igilu bmlcm
2 Let Israel be glad in the one who made him.
Let the children of Zion rejoice in their king.
3e 4B 8
g ihllu wmo bmkol
btof vcinor izmru-lo
3 Let them praise his name in a dance.
With drum and harp let them psalm him.
3e 4B 8
d ci-roxh ihvh bymo
ipar ynvvim biwuyh
4 For Yahweh finds favour with his people.
He adorns the afflicted with salvation.

3e 4B 7
h iylzu ksidim bcbod
irnnu yl-mwcbotm
5 Let the-many who are under mercy exult in glory.
Let them shout aloud when they lie down.
3e 4B 9
v rommot al bgronm
vkrb pipiiot bidm
6 Vocal in their celebrations of God,
and handy with their multi-edged sword.

3e 4B 6
z lywot nqmh bgoiim
tockot blaumim
7 Making vengeance in the nations,
corrections in the tribes.
3e 4B 9
k lasor mlcihm bziqim
vncbdihm bcbli brzl
8 To bind their sovereigns in chains,
and these glorious ones with iron fetters.
3e 4B 8
't lywot bhm mwp't ctub hdr hua lcl-ksidiv hllu-ih 9 To make in them judgment inscribed. This honour to all under his mercy. Hallelu Yah. 3e 4C 20

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