Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Immersed in an intellectual problem

I have been ignoring this blog and its ratings are dropping. Augh!

I have been blogging on a private blog in experimental mode, exploring the rules for converting Hebrew haser text to SimHebrew such that they agree with the result of converting malé text to SimHebrew.

Hunh! What does that mean. Well, I tell ya, it's complicated, and my logic is contorted, and my name for programmers including me is bugs-r-us.

I have also been listening to amazing music in virtual performances like this one from the sixteen,

or this one on Classical Cambridge from Sarah, my daughter, the proof of the 40 part version (about minute 33) of the same quarantine song from the Psalms below - astonishing (but listen to the video performance first and then the whole interview). The forty part version is like a congregation singing in tongues.

I have considered but not even begun the possibility that the music of the Psalms per Haïk-Vantoura could be imagined in a similar round.

I will post about the programming problem soon - it is another of the things that has occupied me during lockdown, but equally as interesting with respect to learning Hebrew as the music of the accents has been.

More to come...

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