Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Hope for the soulless reading

Psalm 104:29
I just happened to notice this while making adjustments to the Psalms. Yes, even the psalms!

You hide your face. They are vexed.
You gather their spirit. They expire,
and to their dust they return.

Note that it reads, to their dust.

Now who would have read that the dust that constitutes all those living, even Leviathan, should continue to claim their dust after their expiration date?

Is this a conservation law, like matter or energy? The faith in e=mc2

It may take a little time before our scientific techniques can raise the dead. In the meanwhile, continue in hope, persevere in faithfulness to your calling, and strive to love. That means, [love] Do not harm your colleague or associate by any form of violence or coercion. [faithfulness] Persevere in the detail work that you must do. [hope] Do not listen to unsubstantiated reports - avoid hype.

If you believe in the faithfulness of Jesus, you have motivation to imitate.

In Job 3 another possible idea of hope for rest in a sleeper that had never been born.

13 For now I would be lying down and quiet.
I would be asleep then. It would be my rest,
14 with kings and counselors of earth,
who built their deserts,
15B or with nobility, their gold,
their houses filled with silver,
16C or as a miscarriage buried I had not been,
as infants who did not see light.
17B There the wicked set aside shuddering,
and there rest those who are weary of power.

Ah, Wordsworth - intimations. It is curious to compare the 'not ever' with the 'has been'. Might Job have remained solely an idea?

But perhaps 14:12 is one reason there is so little of Job in the NT
So a person lies down and does not arise.
Till the heavens wear out they will not awaken,
and will not be roused from their sleep.

If the heavens are already worn out, we may have a few surprises in store for us on the earth.

Of course today I am working through the writings correcting inconsistencies between my glossary and my sentences. I am astonished at how few changes I am making to the text, but there are some. I am nearly finished. The number of changes will exceed 10% of the verses. But you knew that.

I still won't find all my errors and misjudgments with this technique. But I will have found most of the obvious blunders. I expect I will also do a compare with Word of the text approaching epub status. That is to make sure I have the same copy in the epub as is in the database. I still need readers who will give feedback. Think of it as an crowd sourced reading. Epub's will be complimentary to volunteers who register to give feedback.

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