Friday, March 27, 2015

Even in Anglican Circles

some of us have heard of Rachel Held Evans. There is quite a kerfuffle about her book Searching for Church which is I understand organized around the sacraments. Yes, Virginia, even the lowly protestant can change their minds about Santa Claus. This latest post from her blog is touching and real. All our upbringings must face real stones and bones. Thank God for such fleshly reality.
The easiest way to alienate your child for good is to make your love and acceptance of them conditional upon what they believe! 

From a note I wrote to some colleagues who have local responsibility for churches: I have not read any of her books, but only a few blog posts. This one is particularly interesting since in Searching for Church, she has approached the faith through the 7 sacraments - quite something for one raised as a fundamentalist and evangelical.

And Christopher Page has summarized the issue on his blog.

I do find myself with confidence in my own 'folly' - the study of our traditions in the Scripture and the worship with all liturgical drama.

I am sorry the publisher didn't send me a review copy (I didn't try very hard and I am not American) - maybe someday I will see one...