Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Top posts for 2014

The Biblical Studies carnival for March scores the highest with more than 1000 views, but it is lower than the one from 2013 now approaching 3000 and lower still than some posts from 2010 on Ecclesiastes now up over 4000. They were fun to write and fun to translate in the style of Dr. Seuss but I wonder if they will survive in that form.

A post on the direct object marker scored unexpectedly high - it was a toss-away post but I did learn something later from Peter Bekins and I updated it.

I was glad to see that my post on Sue Gillingham's review of my book got > 100 hits - but it did not contribute to sales alas.

People flocked to the series Religion without God - though I can surely say that reading the ancient books might be of more use - if 'twere done 'tis best 'twere done slowly.

The long-winded former prophet 1 Samuel was popular, something about priests and bread - more than a little bit funny if read slowly.

I am glad to see the post 'in the beginning' score well. It is an intro to the music and perhaps a little understandable.

I dislike going to Patheos blogs but I refuse to use an ad blocker, so I don't go there often. The complaint post was popular - too bad - it too is a throwaway.

Many of my posts pointing to other blogs scored well, but they are almost without content. Go Figure.

A post on page width and recitation generated some interest - bravo for the physical constraints of life.

The song should always do well. And it did. As did a repost from years ago on Wrestling with God and Men.

Medical news was popular but enough's enough. Looking ahead a few hours at this spot on the globe, Happy New Year to my readers.

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