Monday, September 22, 2014

What's going on in my blogosphere

The world keeps turning even if I am only turning in my grave. What grave thoughts! Grave and grace differ by only one letter - and the typo is easy on a querty keyboard :)

Phil Long is putting his introductory course on the historical context of the NT on line through a blog series - and they are rather good. Here's the latest on the importance of keeping Sabbath in the first century.

The kerfuffle at Mars Hill is emerging even in Northern Anglican blogs such as this one by a neighbour in Victoria. Follow the links in the comments to Rachel Held Evans' blog and another Canadian from Montreal.

I don't want to miss Jewish-Christian Intersections. Always worth the read. I myself am reading Louis Jacobs book A Jewish Theology. I may have some posts on it later...

There may be other worthy posts, but I have a habit of marking all as read recently. Same old, same old. Who will give me something stimulating?

Hey bloggers, what's up these days? What's important on your blog?