Saturday, November 23, 2013

The Psalter as a tent - the movie

I thought it would be fun to show you my latest very short film - shorter even than Tim's 5 minute Bible. (It's not Dr Who nor is it Nadal and Djokovic playing tennis on a boat in Patagonia). Just a brief on the new slide for my next class in the Psalms at St Barnabas next Tuesday. One day I will republish the original session 3, but it takes the computer a long time and I will probably change it again.  Full presentations for the course are here.

There were 15 of us at the first two sessions and there is still room for more to attend and you can catch up by watching the movies and doing the homework(!). Whaaat - real work! The special deal is that you get a copy of my book for only $25, and that money goes to the relief effort for the Philippines. (You may never see a better offer for Seeing the Psalter - I am undermining all those stores that I have left copies at.)

Lord who will dwell in your tent? (Psalm 15)