Thursday, 22 November 2012

9 Days left to suggest carnival components

Carnival is scheduled. But only two persons have suggested posts. Not to worry, I have already found 231 links...  And more to come.

I find it strange how I draw the line. For I have looked at -what - 100 posts a day - that's 2200 this month.

What distinguished the 231 from the 2200? Where are the other 90%?

November, Movember, was a busy month - so many elections, and selections, and failures in various issues of polity. But these - if there were posts - I did not find them or they did not qualify (in this redactor's eyes) as related to Biblical Studies. Not that they could not have - where are the posts on selecting and leaders? Is there nothing in the ancient history that would inform us about election? Is there nothing that informs some about polity but that should not have informed decisions today? Is there nothing on closed-door selection committees? And how would one phrase these without special-pleading? - though a dose of special-pleading is always welcome in a carnival.

So - posters - apply the Bible you know so well to the day's events - let's see if they qualify as BS.

in the meanwhile, for my friends to the south

Happy Thanksgiving.


  1. Maybe my Humorous hyperbole in Obadiah will survive the rigorous culling?

  2. Yes Tim - and I am surprised but just cogitating how few posts (5) there are on the Neviim.

    So far, just over a dozen on Torah, 2 dozen or so on the writings - just under half of these on the psalms. 3 dozen or so on the various forms of the Bible as a whole, 3 dozen or so on the Gospels, a dozen and a half on Paul, 4 dozen on the second century CE, an equal or greater number on book reviews and archeology - hmmm, I wonder if some of these generic things should be split into the earlier frames, and another dozen on forgeries, a dozen from SBL, and a half-dozen (theological reflection) from one voting event.

    Well - it's not out yet and this morning, I haven't scanned the latest spate. It's a good thing I'm retired.