Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Rabbi Harry of Congregation Emmanu-El has a blog

Here is a post on the near and the far. Connecting to Divine Source When God is Hidden from Us

I might have some details to be picky about, but I like the overall post - I can hear the Rabbi talking to me. Anyone out there in Victoria who knows Hebrew - I am looking for a companion reader to mutter through the Psalms with me.  E-muttering is possible I suppose.

My old blogging friends are too busy - or maybe they don't like my attitude.  Of course I am looking for critical feedback on my book also - but if you want to do this, I won't just let the address hang out there...

Don't look at the posts at PoC or Dust at the Psalter kata Bob. I haven't kept them up to date. They were blog posts. And its hard to read a diglot online.

Oh and by the way, the performance three weeks ago of my setting of Psalm 19 for organ, flute, and choir got rave reviews.