Saturday, March 24, 2012

A New PhD in Physics - Open String Field Theory (OSFT)

One of my former employees has just completed his PhD. Here is an early sentence in his two part thesis paper.
We work in bosonic string theory in 26 dimensions and focus on cubic OSFT in the presence of two parallel D24-branes extended in X0,: : :,X24 directions and separated in the X25 direction, studying solutions to this SFT as a function of the separation of the two D24-branes
My highlighting. I thought 7 or 11 dimensions might be enough. How many buses could you drive through 26 dimensions that would be invisible and unmeasurable to us mortals?

Now he is looking for a job. There aren't many in the field of open strings. He is a very fine programmer so I am sure he will not have any problem transferring his skills to another field.