Wednesday, 1 February 2012

A 24 hour holiday and where am I?

We just spent a delightful night (a gift) in Sooke at the luxuriant Sooke Harbour House, called one of the 5 best boutique inns in the world (and why not!).  We began with a 28km bike ride to Otter point and back over the Sooke hills - O my those hills! Then we soaked in the personal hot-pool. We had the whole hotel to ourselves. I am surprised they were open with only 2 guests! And all the cookie jars were full - really, they have cookies in the hallway on every corner!

The world-class dining room was closed so we had supper at a local place, Markus's - very nice, black cod on potato salad, and seared scallops on risotto - both superb, and a bottle of Santa Rita Cab. Sauv.  But there was no need for coffee and desert since we could make decaf coffee in our room, and there were, after all, all those cookies!

Today, after a large continental breakfast (included in the hotel room), we walked the Whiffen spit and later we had a lunch of the leftover scones from breakfast on the beach at the Devonian Park.

Now, back on the computer, I am assessing my status on my 7 year project to translate the Psalms and to display all their recurring words. We are in year 6. I have spent the last month trying to remember how to write accompaniment for piano or organ for my setting of Psalm 19. It is more done than not done, I think. I intend to continue composing. It is a test for the translation and its rhythms. Maybe I will come up with a hit tune!

Over at Poetry of Christ, notes are appearing on the translations every day for the current group of psalms, the psalms of ascent, and every 3 or four days for the rest. Scheduled completion - last week of March 2012.  I continue to adjust the translations subject to critical feedback from several sources - on notes, on translation decisions and glosses, and on appropriate means of presentation of rhetorical criticism. (And I keep coming across articles that I really should reference.)

Nice to have a day off. I think I will take another one on Monday - off to Vancouver to see two of my sons.

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  1. Thank you for giving great ideas on how to spend a one-day holiday! Looking forward to more quality posts.