Sunday, June 13, 2010

Patterns of observation

Continuing my pattern observations - here are a few more -

The above is Psalm 111 showing all the roots and their frequency of usage in this psalm.  The repeated roots really stand out in this rendering. But the order is not quite right. The repeated root will only show once in the graph due to the nature of this type of graph so the graph software will make a somewhat arbitrary choice as to which it will show. So for instance ישׁר shows against verse 1 and 8 in the above and is placed with the sequence of verbs in verse 8 - but if I reverse the order, it will be placed with verse 1. And I have an oddball reversal in the sort of the first word for an unknown reason.

I think this might be resolved with a scatter chart but we haven't got that mode operational yet.

Here is a familiar passage - Qohelet 5:17-6:2 which we have looked at in some detail last month. At that time I was asking if chiastic structures are deliberate, significant or just normal communications. I suspect that some are deliberate but that others are not. How to decide?