Wednesday, November 4, 2009

New English Translation

I have not paid much attention to New English translations. I think I have been too busy learning Hebrew. But this one may be a sign of what is to come. And I shouldn't lose my capacity with my own native tongue. The sample is here and though downloadable cannot be printed for offline reading - I can't imagine why such security is required. But who am I to say. Anyway - note to self - read this! (HT BBB)

Well - I read a couple of chapters - and it is really easy to read. Too easy. I am at the moment working so slowly through some things that the speed at which I pass over the English is disturbing. Then of course I am stopped by 'Change your hearts and minds' in 3:2. That is jarring to me. One word in the Hebrew New Testament - turn. Yes it is a change. But it is a turn - of behaviour - not just an internal thought process or a psychological tour de force. Turn - return - yes 'repent' but turn is OK. So what is the Greek, I ask? One word also - and change of mind related, perhaps. So I should get over my jarred nature. Second person plural - not collective but multiple singularities? I suppose.

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