Thursday, December 13, 2012

Annual Christmas Letter 2012

Yes - it's done at Christmas and our fleshly lives are reflected in the written word over the past 45 years, a kind of incarnation in reverse. We have notes online but only back to 1978. I am not sure when we started the annual letters - probably about the time we moved from Toronto to Calgary. The very old ones are buried somewhere if they are not lost.

Recently I converted some baby pictures from 1969! One of my retirement projects is to convert all our pictures to digital and reconstruct the family history. Facebook does a very nice annual summary - great for the young but not yet where I can use it to organize my 6 cubic feet of negatives and the thousands of digital pictures already in 5 differing copies of Picasa!

So here's the Christmas letter - some will get hard copy but not more than a couple of dozen. Some will find out through Twitter and some through Google+ and some through Facebook, and some through direct email.


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