Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The psalter as a gallery

The Psalter - an outline of the floor plan
The entry and exit are marked. When you leave be sure to praise the proprietor. There is no entry fee but there is considerable cost to the viewing experience. You are free to spend as long as you wish - any time of day or night. Nights are particularly beautiful. You will notice couches, divans, and various resting places as you gaze on the beauty of holiness. Choose your starting place from July-August 2010 on the right. Or click the image to go to a list of all the pass 3 translations - the ones with music also marked with a *. (For pass 1 to which this image could also be directed go here.)


  1. This is beautiful, Bob! What a lovely, hospitable gallery! I was attracted by the title of the blog. Made me think of that line from Psalm 102 - which happens to be an image I particularly love. So that brought me here, out of curiosity. And to think I arrived on the very day you provided this lovely floor plan of the psalms! You have given me great joy! I'll try to remember to come back and read your other translations of them. In fact I can't really leave without reading a few more of them!

    Thank you, Bob! :-)

  2. Thera - I am delighted - Thank you for this comment. I have enjoyed running this marathon - to read the psalms in Hebrew in sequence in two months - and I am nearly done.